Grade PK Music

The Pre-K music course library includes activities that engage young students with vivid images, movement, vocal exploration, and appealing interactive content to motivate students and establish a basis for future music learning and enjoyment. The library includes audio files, slideshows, interactive activities, video, and other engaging content.

Try it Out

Song Notation (Interactive Performance): Jim Along, Josie

This interactive tool includes a full accompaniment with separate tracks for each part. Use the Digital Mixer to change the volume level of each part and the tempo to build performance skills.

Song Notation (Interactive Practice): Jim Along, Josie

This interactive tool includes a keyboard accompaniment for singing. An easy-to-use control panel provides additional tools for teachers including the option to change the key and/or tempo.

Song Notation (Projectable): Jim Along, Josie

Use the projectable instruction to engage young children in song-related activities. On-screen instruction and appropriate visuals increase interest and enhance the total musical experience.

Song Teacher Notes: Jim Along, Josie

Teacher Notes include information about tools available to enhance classroom experiences. These lesson ideas engage students in a variety of activities as they explore steady beat.

Instructional Activity (Interactive): Jim Along, Josie

Children explore different ways to move to the steady beat with this engaging Hotspot Activity. After selecting a shape, they identify the motion and move like the children in the picture.

Listening Interactive Activity: Love for 3 Oranges, March

Using an interactive memory game, children find matching images of a variety of instruments. Memory cards are randomly generated each time the children click the "Start Over" button.