STEM Grades K–8

STEM on OLE for grades K–8 provides project-based materials that make it easy for you to integrate science, technology, engineering, and math topics seamlessly into your existing curricula and instruction. Through 18 topics and accompanying material, the STEM program works with any elementary or middle grades science program. Each topic follows the same format: Introduce, Teach, and Evaluate. Topics cover life, earth, and physical sciences and illustrate how the four STEM areas are connected through hands-on labs, projects, and background materials.

High School Science

Whether you're looking to personalize learning by supplementing your textbook program or looking to supply content for a virtual course, OLE has you covered. Each of the high school science course libraries includes a variety of engaging rich media components as well as fully editable content and assessment assets. From cells and ecosystems, to acids and atoms, forces and energy, and inquiry and experimentation, there is something for you and your students in our OLE libraries.

Middle Grades Science

OLE science for grades 5–8 has everything needed to teach a complete middle grades science curriculum. The thousands of teaching and learning objects housed within OLE are flexible enough to be used regardless of whether your curriculum is spiraled, integrated, or divided into discrete life, earth, and physical science courses.

Elementary Science

Looking for a way to captivate your elementary students and easily teach your science curriculum? OLE science for grades K–5 has something for every one! Engaging videos, animations, interactivities, and lab activities have you covered whether you are teaching life, earth, physical, or nature of science topics. Pick and choose the activities you need for your science curriculum.

TX High School Science

Do you teach high school science in Texas? Fully customized to meet the needs of its teachers, Texas OLE for high school is loaded with assets built specifically to hit the new and expanded 2010–2011 TEKS. Correlated to the effective "5 E" model of Engage/Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate, OLE 's editable lessons, presentations, labs, and assessments provide everything needed to help students master the new and expanded TEKS for biology, chemistry, physics, and IPC. Together with our vast library of rich media assets, which are correlated to the TEKS, Texas OLE for high school is a complete, one-stop solution for Texas science teachers.

TX Grades 5–8 Science

Are you a middle grades science teacher in Texas? Built just for you, Texas OLE for middle grades provides a complete curriculum for grades 5–8. Fully editable lessons, presentations, activities, and assessments provide hit after hit for the new and expanded 2010–2011 TEKS. In addition, this library contains rich media assets, including videos and animations, correlated to the TEKS that provide engaging and educational experiences for Texas students. Assets are aligned to the effective "5 E" teaching model of Engage/Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate, but can be combined and used in ways that are sure to work in any Texas classroom.