The OLE biology library is loaded with video, animations, simulations, labs, and other primary sources of content to help all students experience and learn high school biology. Many pieces of content in this library are fully editable, including the assessments created to support each key topic, from cells to the biosphere.

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Plants Video: Soaking up the Carbon Dioxide

Engage your students with this video in which the Untamed Science Crew travels around the world to investigate how plants respond to changes in carbon dioxide concentration.

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Ecology Interactivity: Predator-Prey Simulations

Based on the well-documented predator-prey interactions on Isle Royale, this interactivity allows students to manipulate abiotic and biotic environmental conditions and see their effect on moose and wolf populations over time.

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Cells Interactivity: Labeling Cell Structures

Reinforce the similarities and differences among typical plant, animal, and bacterial cells with this drag-and-drop labeling activity.

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Genetics Interactivity: Punnett Squares

Animation and drag-and-drop practice help students learn to use Punnett squares to predict offspring phenotypes for a codominant trait. Questions at the end of the activity enable students to demonstrate their understanding.