The OLE chemistry library is loaded with video, animations, simulations, labs, and other primary sources of content to help students of all abilities and learning styles master their high school chemistry course. Many of the library's assets are fully editable, including the assessments created to support each key topic, from bonding to stoicheometry. The library also contains complete teacher support for all assessments and activities.

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Chemical Reactions Video: Avogadro's Kitchen

The Untamed Science crew goes back in time to prevent a baking disaster with a little help from Avogadro's number.

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Atomic Structure Interactivity: Rutherford's Experiment

Using this directed virtual lab, students get an opportunity to do something they can't do in the classroom—recreate Rutherford's gold foil experiment using a variety of metals.

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Chemical Reactions Interactivity: Acid Clues to a Marble Mystery

Have your students use their knowledge of acid/base chemistry to explain the solution of this animated mystery involving a marble column, acid rain, and a crafty chemistry teacher.

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Types of Matter Interactivity: Naming Compounds

Demystify chemical names and formulas for your students with this activity in which they see how a simple flowchart helps determine compound names from their chemical formulas and chemical formulas from their compound names.