The OLE physics library is loaded with video, animations, simulations, labs, and other primary sources of content to help students of all abilities and learning styles master their high school physics course. Many of the library's assets are fully editable, including the assessments created to support each key topic, from Newton to Kepler. The library also contains complete teacher support for all assessments and activities.

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Wave Video: Extreme Wave Science!

The Untamed Science crew gets more than just their feet wet on the topic of waves as they go water skiing to explain wave properties to your students.

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Energy Interactivity: Exploring Potential and Kinetic Energy

Students take to the virtual lab in this guided activity that requires multiple calculations of both potential and kinetic energy.

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Motion Interactivity: Ladybug Motion 2D

Students observe and analyze the velocity and acceleration vectors for a ladybug in motion. Compare movement in a straight line, circle, or ellipse, or manually control the ladybug to generate different paths, velocities, and accelerations.

Go to Wave Characteristics Interactivity

Wave Characteristics Interactivity: Properties of Waves

This interactive art activity uses narrated animations to explain how equations can predict the effects of changing wave properties. Review questions reinforce student understanding.