Texas Biology

New and expanded TEKS for Biology cover everything from the definition of science to the interconnectedness of ecosystems. We have assembled a suite of student components, including videos, interactivities, and lessons for each and every new or expanded Biology TEKS. Correlated to the "5 E" model of Engage/Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate, our materials provide your students with the knowledge and skills they need to master the TEKS while teacher components provide background and teacher support.

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Go to Evolution Video

Evolution Video: It Happened in Hawaii

Delve into the mechanics of genetic drift as required by TEKS 7F. Climb up into the mountains of Hawaii with the Untamed Science crew to find out why these isolated volcanic islands are such hot beds for evolution.

Go to Ecology Lab

Ecology Lab: Oil-Eating Bacteria

In this comparative lab for TEKS 11C, students run a controlled experiment to see how certain species of bacteria can aid ecosystem recovery following an oil spill.

Go to Cells Interactivity

Cells Interactivity: Growing Pains

Students use an analogy to help them understand an important part of TEKS 5A with this interactivity. By comparing a growing cell to a growing city, they come to understand limitations on cell size, and why the cell cycle is so important to the growth of an organism.

Go to Genetics Interactivity

Genetics Interactivity: A Complicated Operon

TEKS 6D requires students to understand that gene expression is a regulated process. Through this in-depth data analysis activity, students will come to understand the regulation of the lac operon gene by experimenting with mutant strains of E. coli.

Go to Cells Teacher Background

Cells Teacher Background: Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells

This document explains what's new in TEKS 4A. It also provides a content refresher, suggestions for activating prior knowledge, and the exact locations of questions that assess student understanding.

Go to Cells Lesson

Cells Lesson: Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells

In this lesson for TEKS 4A, students compare and contrast prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells by considering their sizes, complexity, mode of division, and classification.

Go to Cells Spanish Lesson

Cells Spanish Lesson: Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells

This component provides a complete Spanish translation of the TEKS 4A lesson for your English Language Learners.