Texas Integrated Physics and Chemistry

New and expanded TEKS for IPC cover everything from valence electrons to seismic waves. We have assembled a suite of student components, including videos, interactivities, and lessons for each and every new or expanded IPC TEKS. Correlated to the "5 E" model of Engage/Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate, our materials provide your students with the knowledge and skills they need to master the TEKS while teacher components provide background and teacher support.

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Go to Energy Video

Energy Video: Potential for Fun

The Untamed Science crew bikes down Pike's Peak in Colorado to explain kinetic and potential energy to your students as required by TEKS 5A and 5B.

Go to Forces and Motion Interactivity

Forces and Motion Interactivity: Investigating Newton's Laws of Motion

This TEKS 4D guided virtual lab demonstrates the interrelatedness of force, mass, and acceleration. Questions assess student understanding as they go.

Go to Energy Interactivity

Energy Interactivity: Heat Transfer

Students can demonstrate their mastery of TEKS 5E by labeling examples of convection, conduction, and radiation shown in this drag-and-drop interactivity.

Go to Motion Interactivity

Motion Interactivity: Forces in One Dimension

This open-ended interactivity for TEKS 4D enables students to explore and analyze the relationships among force, mass, and acceleration by varying a number of conditions including applied initial force and friction.

Go to Forces and Motion Teacher Background

Forces and Motion Teacher Background: Force, Mass, and Acceleration

This document explains what's new in IPC TEKS 4D. It also provides a content refresher, suggestions for activating prior knowledge, and the exact locations of questions that assess student understanding.

Go to Forces and Motion Lesson

Forces and Motion Lesson: Force, Mass, and Acceleration

The TEKS 4D lesson explains Newton's second law to students and includes questions that assess their understanding of the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration.

Go to Forces and Motion Spanish Lesson

Forces and Motion Spanish Lesson: Force, Mass, and Acceleration

This component provides a complete Spanish translation of the TEKS 4D lesson for your English Language Learners.