Earth Science

From minerals and plate tectonics to GIS maps and the solar system, the middle grades Earth science library includes assets that span the curriculum. The library's rich media components include videos, animations, and interactivities that will engage your students in the content and make connections to the real world. Assessments and corresponding teacher support for each topic are fully editable, enabling you to personalize questions for all abilities and situations.

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Go to Chemical Properties Video

Chemical Properties Video: Cracking the Crude

Connect to the real world as the Untamed Science crew explains the process of turning crude oil pumped from the ground into gasoline that is pumped into our cars.

Go to Forces and Motion Lab

Forces and Motion Lab: Universal Gravitation

You can't test gravitational attraction between celestial bodies in your classroom, but you can in our virtual lab. Here, students see how Newton's law of universal gravitation is used to calculate forces between objects in space.

Go to Ecology Interactivity

Ecology Interactivity: Threats to Biodiversity

Students review the most significant threats to biodiversity and their effects on ecosystem stability in this quick drag-and-drop activity.

Go to Evolution Interactivity

Evolution Interactivity: Conditions on the Early Earth

Use this drag-and-drop interactivity to compare today's atmosphere with that of the early Earth.