Life Science

From plants and animals to genetics and ecosystems, the middle grades life science library includes assets that span the curriculum. The library's rich media components include videos, animations, and interactivities that will engage your students in the content and make connections to the real world. Assessments and corresponding teacher support for each topic are fully editable, enabling you to personalize questions for all abilities and situations.

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Plants Video: Plants Inside and Out

Travel up, up, up to the rainforest canopy with the Untamed Science crew in search of weird and wonderful plant adaptations.

Go to Ecology Interactivity

Ecology Interactivity: Ecological Mystery

In this interactive real-world mystery, students assume the role of an ecologist and explore the sudden decline in black-footed ferret populations in a Nebraska plains ecosystem.

Go to DNA Interactivity

DNA Interactivity: DNA Replication

Have your students demonstrate mastery of complementary base pairing rules as they drag-and-drop nucleotides to build their own strand of DNA.

Go to Cells Interactivity

Cells Interactivity: How Cells Move Like Boats

In this animated visual analogy, students compare the motions of cilia and flagella to the motions of boats powered by many paired oars and a single oar.