Physical Science

From matter and light to compounds and reactions, the middle grades physical science library includes assets that span the curriculum. The library's rich media components include videos, animations, and interactivities that will engage your students in the content and make connections to the real world. Assessments and corresponding teacher support for each topic are fully editable, enabling you to personalize questions for all abilities and situations.

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Energy Video: Why Is This Inner Tube So Hot?

The Untamed Science crew uses dynamic thermal video technology to show your students just what happens when heat is transferred.

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Motion Lab: Measuring Speed

In this directed virtual lab, students vary initial force exerted on a ball and collect distance and time data to calculate average speed.

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Electricity Interactivity: Series and Parallel Circuits

With four possible layouts and an endless supply of wire, resistors, energy sources, and switches, students can build and test hundreds of circuits in this interactive art activity.

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Motion Interactivity: Math of Speed and Acceleration

Students observe a bicyclist's motion and listen to a narrative explaining how an accelerating object's speed and distance can be graphed over time. Then, they put their knowledge into action with two drag and drop activities.