Texas Grade 7

New and expanded TEKS for grade 7 science cover everything from composting to the characteristics of the solar system. We have assembled a suite of student components, including videos, interactivities, and lessons for each and every new or expanded grade 7 science TEKS. Correlated to the "5 E" model of Engage/Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate, our materials provide your students with the knowledge and skills they need to master the TEKS while teacher components provide background and teacher support.

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Cells and Life Processes Video: Yum… Eating Solar Energy

The Untamed Science crew introduces the TEKS 5C topic of energy flow in ecosystems with this video. Against the backdrop of the redwood forest in California, students will learn the differences between autotrophs and heterotrophs.

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Ecosystem Interactions Interactivity: Where's All the Food?

This TEKS 5C interactivity has students analyzing data collected in the virtual lab to learn how available energy affects populations of organisms in a food chain. Then, they apply what they've learned to a more complicated scenario in which consumers compete for resources.

Go to Cells and Life Processes Interactivity

Cells and Life Processes Interactivity: Plant and Animal Cells

Students can demonstrate their understanding of TEKS 12D and 12E with this interactivity in which they manipulate models of cells and learn about organelle function.

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Human Body Interactivity: Enzyme Action

This animated activity, correlated to TEKS 6B and 6C, will help students understand the physical and chemical changes that occur as starches are broken down into their component molecules during digestion.

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Human Body Lesson: Digesting Your Food

In this lesson for TEKS 6C, students learn to recognize how large molecules, including carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids, are broken down into smaller molecules.

Go to Human Body Spanish Lesson

Human Body Spanish Lesson: Digesting Your Food

This component provides a complete Spanish translation of the TEKS 6C lesson for your English Language Learners.