Social Studies


OLE offers elementary social studies teachers an exciting way to captivate and inspire students. Choose from a variety of engaging videos, animations, interactive maps, and more, all aligned to a variety of social studies topics. OLE Social Studies for grades K–5 has something for every one!

Middle Grades

OLE has everything you need to help students connect, experience, and understand social studies at the middle grades level. The teaching and learning materials housed within OLE provide a wide variety of options to support the way you teach and the ways your students learn.

High School

Whether you're looking to personalize learning by supplementing your textbook program or to supply content for a virtual course, OLE has you covered. High school social studies course libraries include a variety of engaging, rich media components to help today's students connect to history first-hand.

Focused Collections

Social Studies Express

Introducing a K–2 supplemental activity-based program designed to support daily social studies instruction and the Common Core's literacy and comprehension strategies. This low-cost alternative program engages students through dynamic hands-on activities and interactive technology. The program is designed to cover social studies instruction in the time you have available.

California History Social Science

This revolutionary program organizes all of your instruction by the California History-Social Science standards. Each standard is a lesson, so teaching is easier and more manageable for you. The Digital Path on OLE transforms content into highly interactive multimedia learning. Just like the Text Path, every Digital Path lesson fully investigates each standard—and brings the content to life!

Election Resources

Engage your students in the excitement of local and national elections and prepare them to become lifelong active citizens. OLE provides activities and resources to help your students explore government, leadership, and civic participation.