World History

The OLE High School World History library provides interactivities, primary sources and skill development opportunities to help all students experience and learn World History. Easy to find and download, many assets in the library are fully editable, including the notes and quizzes created to support each topic. Most of the assets, including hundreds of images, are downloadable for use by you and your students.

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Go to Totalitarianism Presentation

Totalitarianism Presentation: Fascism in Italy

Set the context for your lesson or student research about fascism in Italy with an illustrated presentation that focuses on main ideas and supporting details.

Go to Totalitarianism Assessment

Totalitarianism Assessment: Fascism in Italy

Let students show what they know about fascism in Italy by taking this quiz in a game show format.

Go to Feudalism Activity

Feudalism Activity: Early Medieval Europe Interview

Knight or merchant? Lord or farmer? Students roleplay characters in feudal times to learn about how society was organized and who was at the top and who was at the bottom.

Go to Feudalism Teacher Resources

Feudalism Teacher Resources: Early Medieval Europe Interview

Prepare your students to put on a show and show what they know. This teacher guide gives you all you need to assign and evaluate this activity.

Go to Indian Religions Map

Indian Religions Map: Early Spread of Buddhism

Movement patterns are often just a piece of a story. They raise the questions: How? and Why? Use this map on the spread of Buddhism as a launch pad for further exploration.

Go to Industrial Age Social Life Viewpoints Worksheet

Industrial Age Social Life Viewpoints Worksheet: Two Views on Child Labor

Who will you believe? Was child labor just a little tiring because of the long hours or did it lead to twisted limbs and stooped backs because of the horrendous conditions in early factories? Have students check out these opposing views on child labor.