American History

The OLE American History library includes video, interactivities, primary sources and skill development opportunities, all searchable by topic and keywords. The fully editable assets, such as the notes and the quizzes, enable you to customize your lessons and assessment. Most of the assets, including hundreds of images, are downloadable for use in a variety of classroom formats.

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Go to Colonial North America Presentation

Colonial North America Presentation: Early English Settlements

Set the context for your lesson or student research about the early English colonial experience in America with an illustrated presentation that focuses on main ideas and supporting details.

Go to Colonial North America Assessment

Colonial North America Assessment: Early English Settlements

Let students show what they know about early English settlements by taking this quiz in a game show format.

Go to World War II Activity

World War II Activity: Music Show

Channel Awesome has the beat to make the study of history neat. Rap a wrap up of the World War II Era.

Go to World War II Teacher Resources

World War II Teacher Resources: Music Show

This how-to guide for using World War II Activity: Music Show in your classroom includes lyrics and vocabulary.

Go to Constitution Video

Constitution Video: The Constitution, 1781-1789

What was wrong with the Articles of Confederation? View this video to see what drove the Founders to take the bold step of creating a new Constitution.

Go to Terrorism and Foreign Policy Map

Terrorism and Foreign Policy Map: War in Afghanistan, 2001–2002

Help your students locate where critical world events have unfolded. Using this special purpose map, students gain an understanding of how American and other international forces began battling the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Go to Map and Graph Skills Worksheet

Map and Graph Skills Worksheet: Compare Maps

Students are guided through the process of comparing two historical maps in this worksheet activity. Questions based on the map check understanding.